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          Pilot handle
          Hydraulic pilot handle, located in front of the seat inside the cab, one on the left and one on the right. The pressure is provided by the pilot pump, and through the operation of the excavator driver, secondary pressure is generated. The control pressure flows out of the pilot handle and reaches the axial end of the main control valve (multi way valve, distributor) valve column, pushing the main valve stem to control the action, thus achieving the design of manually controlling the hydraulic system work and controlling the high-pressure oil circuit through the low-pressure oil circuit.
          The upper part of the pilot handle mechanism is a manual operating lever, and the lower part is the main valve body of the handle. Pulling off the outer cover of the handle, we can see that there are four plungers at the top which are pressed by the iron cover, and there is a universal joint in the middle. Connect six hydraulic pipes at the bottom, namely the inlet pipe, return pipe, and four action pipes. Note that a small filter screen will be installed at the oil inlet, which can be cleaned regularly.
          Pilot handle failure
          ▊ Handle operation weight:
          Due to different brands, the user's feeling when operating the handle is different. Sometimes the feeling that the handle is heavy is not a problem with the machine, it may just be an illusion of personal usage habits. You can adjust the length of the handle in advance to see the effect of use. If the handle is noticeably heavier than before, it is necessary to check the corresponding components, check if the pilot pump pressure is too high (usually up to 3.2MPA), and check if the pilot filter oil is unobstructed.
          ▊ Handle trembles
          When the handle trembles, measure the pressure of the pilot pump and observe whether the pointer of the hydraulic gauge swings back and forth (bouncing). If this phenomenon occurs, disassemble and inspect the pilot pump. Most cases are caused by severe gear wear or tooth loss, resulting in unstable pilot pressure. The pilot pressure regulating valve (pilot overflow valve) may become stuck and cause excessive pressure, which can also cause the handle to shake.
          The excavator moves slowly alone:
          If the excavator moves slowly and the engine is not holding the vehicle, the pilot system should be considered. When this fault occurs, first check the pressure of the pilot pump. If the pressure of the pilot pump is normal, measure the "secondary pressure" of the pilot for the fault action separately. Next, disassemble and inspect the handle valve core to see if there are any wear, jamming, or damaged sealing rings.
          Pilot handle detection
          You need to connect an external pressure gauge, along the hydraulic pipe of the pilot handle to the main valve cover, and then connect the pressure gauge. Of course, compared to the pressure of the pilot pump, the "secondary pressure" of the pilot handle will be slightly lower.
          Pilot Handle Maintenance
          The maintenance of the pilot handle is relatively simple. Everyone only needs to remember that the pilot filter element needs to be replaced every 500 hours of operation, and the pilot plunger head needs to be lubricated with butter to ensure that it does not dry grind. Of course, the filter screen at the oil inlet of the handle mentioned in the above structure should be observed and cleaned frequently.
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