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We are under construction.....thank you for your patience!


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** Due to necessary Life Changes we have had to make some very difficult changes and cuts in our herd over the last several years having to change our goals and focus.  We thank you all for your patience and help in this process.  With this in mind we have had to make our herd very small, and intend to do more art work (has less physical demands). Currently working on updating our website, so information is a work in progress. We love our Nigerians.  If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be able to have any goats. Please feel free to inquire about our goat herd and my artwork.

We would also like to give a special thanks to all that have, and continue to be helpful in our herd genetics and goals: Kaapio Acres, Rosasharn, Little Tots Estate, and Castle Rock.  And a special BIG thanks to my friend Julie from Carl B's farm that has been a special encouragement along this crazy adventure!  Thank the Lord you found Faline's "momma"!

We are happy that you have stopped by.  Make sure that you check all our pages and scroll all the way down the page to make sure you don't miss anything.  Have fun looking around.  And make sure that you write us as we would love to hear your comments and questions.

Have fun!      

For just art see: One Hour Art Gallery.

We are so glad you stopped by to visit us.

We choose country living for our way of life and we are thankful for the blessings and opportunities God has given us while being here.  While we have many children in whose lives we take a personal interest, the only children we have personally are furry kids and much wildlife who God graciously blesses us with almost daily.

Although country living is a way of life for us, our dairy goat adventure really began in my (Jodi) childhood. You see, I grew up with all sorts of animals. Goats and horses were very common additions and often retained on our small family farm. I remember always having goats as part of the family. 

At some point in time, although not all at once, my family or I have owned Alpine, Nubian, LaMancha, Saanen, and Toggenburg goats. I was most known, however, for my Alpines. I had a large involvement with 4-H and also in youth leadership with the goats, art, and horses.

After a nearly 20 year break, our miniature dairy goats have been returned to our way of life. We enjoy goat?s milk soap and the organic fertilizer the goats provide. They produce a safe and identified source to feed our organic heirloom garden. Then of course there is the personal pleasure and love these creatures offer us. The Nigerian Dairy Goats are a wonderful piece of our life but they are a piece of many.

To learn more about our dairy goats, the art and our adventures, please take your time and look around. There is much to see and we hope you find a blessing while exploring our website. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us and thanks for stopping in for a visit.  This is just a glimpse of this continuing journey.  And this website is currently under major construction.  So be patient with us and keep checking back.


God bless you and may your visit here be a blessing to you!