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Welcome to the Artist's Palette

Artist History


As far back as Jodi can recall she has been sketching,  even in 3rd and 4th grade she was selling small graphite sketches to friends and class mates.  Color exploration occurred not only through experimentation but also painting with her Grandmother who at the time was in her 60?s, who herself had just started painting in her 50s.  While Jodi is mostly known for her work with equine portraits she has always loved spending time with all God?s creation whether the animals or the beauty of the great outdoors.  All these have been her favored subjects. If you look at a painting and say, ?I?ve been there,?  maybe you have and maybe you haven?t.  The desire is to express a place in such a way the viewer wants to be there; the peace of the experience you would have if you could be there.


Jodi has done works of art in pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, oil, watercolor, and even pastel.  She has also stretched into the art of photography with the same subject matter using some as reference for her paintings and also for art alone.  Many times these photos are added to her own published writings, especially her food writing for Heirloom Garden magazine.  Jodi has from the beginning wanted all her works to be a reflection of the beauty that the Creator has shared with all of us, bringing honor and glory to Him.  And for those who have seen the funny signature and wonder, she has been using this since the age of 18 so all recognition is given to God who has given her the talent to share. 

ALTJ, it means: Always Look To Jesus.



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